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Class Rating Instructor Course

A Class Rating Instructor (CRI) is able to instruct towards licence revalidations and renewals. They can also conduct flights for differences training as well as the “1 hour flight with an instructor” as required by the SEP class rating revalidation requirements.


An applicant for a CRI certificate for single-engine aeroplanes shall have completed at least:

(1) 300 hours flight time as a pilot on aeroplanes

(2) 30 hours as PIC on the applicable class or type of aeroplane.

The Course

The CRI course consists of both theoretical knowledge and flying instruction aimed at ensuring that the applicant is able to teach the air exercises safely and efficiently.

The training course for the CRI shall include, at least

(1) 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction;

(2) 10 hours of technical training, including revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom/simulator instructional skills;

(3) 3 hours of flight instruction on single-engine aeroplanes


The privileges of a CRI are to instruct for:

(1) the issue, revalidation or renewal of a class or type rating for single-pilot aeroplanes, except for single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes, when the privileges sought by the applicant are to fly in single-pilot operations;

(2) a towing or aerobatic rating for the aeroplane category, provided the CRI holds the relevant rating and has demonstrated the ability to instruct for that rating to an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(i).

(3) extension of LAPL(A) privileges to another class or variant of aeroplane.

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