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If you have always dreamt of flying, either as an aviation enthusiast or an aspiring commercial pilot, then our training courses can help you get your passion airborne and put you within reach of the skies. Our flight school is united by our enthusiasm and passion for flying, allowing us to provide a high quality, but still affordable training programme to all our students.


We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK, offering a unique, busy and efficient GA friendly airfield open to all manner of fixed wing and rotary aircraft. We provide a fast and convenient departure service allowing you to complete your training on time and on budget.


Whether you are looking to gain a Pilot’s Licence, develop your flying skills or simply enjoy one of our flight experiences, we have plenty to offer at our friendly and professional flying school.


Our quality team of dedicated instructors and operations staff can help you step by step over the course of your training in all aspects of flying and theoretical knowledge. Their combined background experience in many different fields of aviation is a true asset and will help you quickly gain the confidence and expertise that is needed in the aviation environment.


We operate a safe and reliable fleet of aircraft, maintained by our professional and CAA certified engineers. Our Five Cessna 152's, Three Cessna 172's, a PA-28, a Citabria Tailwheel, and Scheibe Motor Glider provide, what we believe to be, the perfect balance between pleasurable and professional flying.


We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of training, so why not give us a call and decide for yourself by arranging your very first flight.

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Some of the most stunning views anywhere in the UK.

Where Are WE?

Dunkeswell Aerodrome is situated in the heart of the Blackdown Hills, approximately 6 miles North of Honiton. Once a small quiet parish village, Dunkeswell is now a busy and vibrant Aero hub for one of the largest General Aviation communities in South West England. Initially established as an American Naval base during the peak of WW2; it now supports a network of aviation businesses and commercial developments.

Our Location

Our location upon the beautiful Blackdown Hills provides us with, what we believe to be, some of the most stunning views anywhere in the UK. Quaint secluded villages, beautiful rolling countryside and rugged coastal views are a sight not worth missing.

We are situated at an outstanding 839 feet above Sea Level, making us the highest licenced airfield in the United Kingdom.

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Flying In

Radio Procedures:

Dunkeswell Aerodrome operates on an Air/Ground radio frequency, which means we cannot provide any form of clearances, permissions or instructions to arriving, departing and maneuvering traffic. We operate 7 days a week on the frequency of 123.475, although there may be times when the frequency is not manned. Your first call on the frequency should be addressed to 'Dunkeswell Radio', where we will provide you with the current airfield information (Runway in use, QNH, QFE etc.) and any other relevant information. Any other calls made thereafter are to be made to 'Dunkeswell Traffic' announcing your position and intentions.

Airfield Procedures:

Dunkeswell is an active parachuting airfield. Parachuting normally takes place on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays although, throughout the year there are occasions where they will operate 7 days a week (See SkyDiveUK for details). Please assume parachuting is active unless told otherwise. All fixed wing aircraft are to join on downwind or base legs, unless otherwise advised. Fixed wing aircraft may continue whilst parachuting is in progress but should ensure that they do not fly through the deadside/overhead, this including crosswind joins as they bring you extremely close to the drop zone. Helicopter Pilot's must ensure that their rotors are not turning whilst parachuting is in progress within the ATZ. A call for rotor start-up must be made.


Dunkeswell operates daily on a RFFS Category 1 service, although RFFS Category 2 is available upon request to the Operations Staff. RFFS is available from 08.30-18.00 during the summer, and 08.30-17.00 during the winter. On request it may be possible for us to arrange RFFS outside these times, however this must be done by prior arrangement with our operations staff.

Joining Procedures:


Contact should be established by 10nm or 10 minutes out (which ever is sooner) with Dunkeswell Radio on 123.475.

Circuit directions are as follows:

Runway 22 - Left Hand Circuit
Runway 04 - Right Hand Circuit
Runway 17 - Left Hand Circuit
Runway 35 - Right Hand Circuit

Joining is by downwind or base leg only. Dunkeswell is an active parachuting airfield (up to FL150); therefore overhead/deadside joins are only permitted when agreement is made via the ATSU. Circuits, for all active runways, are made at 800ft on Dunkeswell QFE. Refer to the ICAO Aerodrome Chart and Textual data for further information. Out of respect to our neighbours and to keep Dunkeswell Airfield safe and enjoyable for everybody, please avoid flying overhead Dunkeswell village and obey all correct RT procedures for the airfield.


Contact should be established by 10nm or 10 minutes out (which ever is sooner) with Dunkeswell Radio on 123.475.

Helicopters are to join downwind or base. Circuit height 800ft. Under no circumstances should rotors be turning when parachute canopies are in the air. Helicopters must call the ATSU before rotor/engine start up. Refer to the ICAO Aerodrome Chart and Textual data for further information. Out of respect to our neighbours and to keep Dunkeswell Airfield safe and enjoyable for everybody, please avoid flying overhead Dunkeswell village and obey all correct RT procedures for the airfield.

Fuel & Oil:

Dunkeswell offers fuel and a variety of oils at competitive prices.
Fuel available includes: Avgas 100LL (£ inc. VAT) and Avtur Jet A1 (£ inc.VAT).
Oil available includes: Aeroshell 80, 100, W80, W100 and 15W50.

Note: For the latest fuel prices contact the operations staff on 01404 891643.

Customs & Immigration:

Notification of expected overseas arrivals and departures at Dunkeswell should be given to either:

Dunkeswell ATS: (Aerodrome Hours)

  • Telephone: +44 (0)1404 891643
  • Facsimile: +44 (0)1404 891465

UK Border Force: (24 Hours)

  • Telephone: +44 (0)1392 366492
  • Facsimile: +44 (0)1392 362634

General Declaration Forms must now be completed and submitted online via the AOPA website.

Flight Plans:

Contact the operations desk if you need a flight plan filed into the system at least one hour (Three hours for IFR) before departure. Flight plans will be activated upon departure from here and closed upon arrival here.

Runway Information:

  • Runway 22: Length: 968mx46m, Plus 150mx30m starter extension
  • Runway 04: Length: 968mx46m
  • Runway 17: Length: 644mx36m
  • Runway 35: Length: 644mx36m

Aerodrome Fees:

Landing Fees:

  • Microlights: £7.50
  • Single Engine: £10.00
  • Multi Engine: £20.00

Overnight Parking:

  • Microlights: £2.50
  • Single Engine: £7.20
  • Multi Engine: £12.50
*Prices are updated regularly and are subject to change. If you have any queries please feel free to call the ops staff to confirm the current prices.

The Aviator café & bar:

The Aviator is the meeting hub for all the pilots and visitors taking part in the various aviation activities at the airfield. Situated at the main entrance of the airfield, adjacent to the flight school, the Aviator is open seven days a week and offers Tea, Coffee, Hot/Cold food from sandwiches to the hearty English breakfast, lunches and evening meals. The bar sells various local brews not to mention the usual favourites.

They can also cater for weddings, functions, meetings, Christmas parties and all manner of other celebrations at a very competitive price. Booking is advisable on 01404 890009. See further details on their website.

Opening Hours:


Dunkeswell Aerodrome is owned and operated by DSFT, so we aim to keep our prices at a very competitive rate. All flying is done on a pay as you go basis, allowing you to fit your training around your personal life and on a budget that suits you.

PPL hire and dual rates in our aircraft include unlimited, free, landings at the airfield, and are inclusive of all the usual extras from VAT to fuel. 

Training Costs:

Aircraft Hire (Per Hour):

At DSFT we offer two pay as you go rates for instructional and self-hire flights.


Dual Instruction

PPL Hire

Cessna 152 £180 £160
Cessna 172 £190 £170
Piper PA28 £205 £185
Bellanca 7ECA Citabria £180 £160

  • The 'Dual Instruction' rate is inclusive of the aircraft hire (wet) and the cost of the instructor required for your training per hour.
  • The 'Self Hire' rate is inclusive of only the aircraft hire (wet).

Both rates are inclusive of V.A.T at 20%, and assume membership (See below) for the flying club has been paid in advance. No charges are made for the use of credit cards.

Ground School:

All examinations for the PPL/LAPL course can be carried out at Devon & Somerset Flight Training at the following prices:


Price (per hour)

RT Tuition £35
Ground School £35


All examinations for the PPL/LAPL course can be carried out at Devon & Somerset Flight Training at the following prices.



RT Oral £60
RT Written £25
Ground Exam Fee (per exam) £25
Skills Test (Initial) £150
Skills Test (Re-Test) £60
Renewal Flight Test £60


Membership for Devon & Somerset Flight training can be purchased at any time during the year and will apply for the following time periods.



Annual Membership £125
Monthly Membership £15

Our memberships include:
  • Access to all of our fleet of aircraft
  • Club aircraft - Free landings
  • Non resident aircraft - Half price landings
  • A reduced fuel rate for non-club aircraft
  • Access to our planning and briefing facilities
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Free car parking
  • Insurance cover

Visitors Costs:

Type (per landing/night)


Landing Fee (single) £10
Landing Fee (twin) £20
Landing Fee (Microlight) £7.50
Parking Fee (single) £7.20
Parking Fee (twin) £12.50
Parking Fee (microlight) £2.50

*Fees Apply to both Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

All prices quoted include V.A.T at 20%; no extra charge is made for the use of credit cards. Prices are subject to change.

Looking To Stay

The local area surrounding Dunkeswell Airfield has plenty to offer in the form of Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and country pubs.


The Deer Park Hotel:

The Deer Park Hotel in Honiton is situated amid 80 acres of unspoilt Devonshire countryside, just a short stroll away from the River Otter. The Hotel boasts 16 gorgeous bedrooms, in addition to a well established bar & restaurant. The Hotel caters for all manner of events, as well providing the perfect venue for a Devon wedding. Open to non-residents for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Tel: 01404 41266

The Lakeview Manor:

The Lakeview Manor is situated within 45 acres of parkland, with panoramic views overlooking their secluded & tranquil lakeside. The Hotel offers an outstanding catering service, with a range of local dishes and Otter Ales. The Lakeview Manor is an ideal place to stay for any weary Pilot.

Tel: 01404 891287 or 891358

The Old Kennels:

Situated in the heart of the Blackdown Hills, the Old Kennels offer beautiful 4 star Bed & Breakfast accommodation. They believe in providing an environmentally friendly service of home grown organic foods, supporting the small local Devonshire producers. At costs as little as £36 per night, they offer an unrivaled, comfortable and quaint stay.

Tel: 01823 681138

Further Places to Stay:

Hotels & Restaurants:

  • Deer Park Hotel, Honiton- 01404 41266
  • Lakeview Manor, Dunkeswell- 01404 891287
  • Coombe House Hotel, Gittisham- 01404 540400

Bed & Breakfast:

  • The Old Kennels, Dunkeswell- 01823 681138
  • The Greyhound Country Inn, Nr. Honiton- 01404 850380
  • Dolish Farmhouse, Luppitt- 01404 891176
  • Ellishayes Farm, Honiton- 01404 47365
  • Culm Valley Inn, Culmstock- 01884 840354
  • Orchard Lea, Hemyock- 01823 680057
  • Sunny Corner, Hemyock- 01823 681455


  • Culm Valley Inn, Culmstock- 01884 840354
  • Merry Harriers, Porches Corner - 01823 421270
  • Half Moon, Clayhidon - 01823 680291
  • Catherine Wheel, Hemyock - 01823 680224
  • Holman Clavel, Culmhead - 01823 421432
  • Candlelight Inn, Bishopswood - 01460 234476
  • The Railway Inn, Honiton - 01404 43686


Taxis & Car Hire:

  • Horseshoe Taxis - 01404 892 888
  • Zodiac Taxis - 01404 414 84
  • Sparkys Taxis, Honiton - 01404 476 70
  • To an Fro Car Hire, Honiton - 01404 449 00

Car Parking:

Ample free car parking is available at the airfield, situated near to the entrance of the flight school. Further parking is available to those participating in skydiving outside the main centre of SkyDiveUK.

Note: All vehicles and contents are parked on the airfield at the owners own risk.

Dunkeswell is the perfect location for you to base your aircraft, offering fantastic airfield facilities in addition to a safe and well maintained hangarage & parking service.

Our facilities:

  • Two hard surface runways
  • A variety of secure hangars and outside parking
  • Full A/G radio service, operating 7 days a week, all year round
  • Members fuel rates for all home-based aircraft, with 4 pence per litre off the published standard rates. Fuel available: 100LL & JetA1
  • A wide variety of oils available: S80, W80 and 15W50

Most Importantly... A friendly & helpful atmosphere!

Airfield Opening Times:

Airfield operations staff, including our Rescue & Fire Fighting Service and Refueling services , are only available between 08.30-17.00 in the winter, to 08.30-18.00 in the summer (Or by prior arrangement). However, aircraft based at Dunkeswell are more than welcome to fly before/after hours on lovely summer mornings and evenings. See our Airfield Information for further details.


Should you require any maintenance on your aircraft, we can offer you two well established engineering teams to carry out your work. See our maintenance section for further options and details.

Training options:

Whether you have just begun your training, or are looking to progress further in your flying, we have plenty of options available at our flight school. We can provide complete training for all the courses we offer, in addition to all the required ground examinations. We can also cater for a wide range of revalidation, renewals and differences training.

For further information, and quotes on hangarage/parking, contact Air Westward Ltd. on 01404 891271.


Our airfield is home to FlyMoore Aircraft Engineering, a well established business providing high quality maintenance solutions. They maintain our fleet of five aircraft, as well as providing an honest and reliable service to non home-base aircraft. The on-site engineering team is able to provide a range of services including airframe repairs, interior refurbishment, re-sprays, avionics maintenance in addition to the regular 50 hour, 150 hour and annual checks.


FlyMoore Aircraft Engineering offers a full aircraft refurbishment service using environmentally friendly dry and wet stripping methods. The on-site engineering team have specially developed facilities and equipment, designed to provide you with the highest quality painting service.

Please feel free to contact them on the following lines to discuss your requirements.

Flymoore Engineering:

Tel: 01404 891504

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Contact Details

  • 01404 891643
  • Devon & Somerset Flight Training, Dunkeswell Aerodrome, Dunkeswell, Devon EX14 4LG

  • Opening times are subject to weather conditions. We may close earlier than our usual published times under extreme circumstances. Call for further details.